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OSHA Labor Law Posters - State and Federal Combo All - In - One

OSHA Labor Law Posters - State and Federal Combo All - In - One
Item# SOS0001

Product Description

Are your posters UP-TO-DATE? Order your updated posters now. Select your state to order All-in-One Labor Law Poster including mandatory State and Federal labor law postings The State and the Federal Government require employers to post state labor law postings AND federal labor law postings in each facility where employees and applicants can view them. Failure to comply with posting regulations can result in fines. Our All-in-One State Labor Law Poster is up to date and attorney approved.We offer a 24" x 40" All-in-One Labor Law Poster that includes all the state labor law postings and all mandatory federal labor laws. Poster should be posted where employees congregate.

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